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İngilizce Atatürk İlkeleri, Atatürk ilkeleri ingilizce

 İngilizce - English Department forumunda yer alan İngilizce Atatürk İlkeleri, Atatürk ilkeleri ingilizce konusu, İngilizce Atatürk İlkeleri, Atatürk ilkeleri ingilizce İngilizce Atatürk İlkeleri, Atatürk ilkeleri ingilizce İngilizce Atatürk İlkeleri, Atatürk ilkeleri ingilizce Republicanism In a republican regime, honesty is of crucial importance for both ...

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Standart İngilizce Atatürk İlkeleri, Atatürk ilkeleri ingilizce

İngilizce Atatürk İlkeleri, Atatürk ilkeleri ingilizce

İngilizce Atatürk İlkeleri, Atatürk ilkeleri ingilizce

In a republican regime, honesty is of crucial importance for both the rulers and the ruled, and the relations of both sides with each other is very important In this way, the republic will defend itself against interior and exterior dangers with tight measures limited with the principles of the republican regime This frame must not be overrun Otherwise a gap between the republic and the nation will occur The biggest sufferer in this case will be the Republic itself For this reason a republican regime has to be smart at all times Freedom and its applications are limited with the rules of democracy in the countries that adopt this system Nobody has unlimited rights in republics ruled by democracy The regimes ruled with non-limited rights and laws cannot be classified as democracy or Republic In democracy and democratic republican rights of the public and individual freedoms are limited with laws and their borders are marked with justice Populism The Kemalist revolution was also a social revolution in term of its content and goals This was a revolution led by an elite with an orientation towards the people in general The Kemalist reforms brought about a revolutionary change in the status of women through the adoption of Western codes of law inTurkey, in particular the Swiss Civil Code Moreover, women received the right to vote in 1934 Atatürk stated on a number of occasions that the true rulers of Turkey were the peasants This was actually a goal rather than a reality in Turkey In fact, in the official explanation given to the principle of populism it was stated that Kemalism was against class privileges and class distinctions and it recognized no individual, no family, no class and no organization as being above others Kemalist ideology was, in fact, based on supreme value of Turkish citizenship A sense of pride associated with this citizenship would give the needed psychological spur to the people to make them work harder and to achieve a senseofunityand national identity


His ideas about religion were not too different from a noble and sincere member of the religious organization He was never an opponent of religion He believed that religion was necessary for the public but he was against the replacement of law, logic, mentality with religion He was opposed to merchants of religion, fundamentalists and those who wanted to rule the public with superstitions Religion was a holy concept to be kept in the one's conscience Setting off with these ideas, on January 31, 1923 he said the following: "Our religion is a most natural and logical one and it is for this reason that it is the last of religions In order for a religion to be natural it must co-exist with science, knowledge and logic Our religion completely complies with these prerequisites Above, we defined that secularity is the separation of State and religious affairs but this does not mean that everybody can do everything about religion without the interference of the State Moreover, State power may be used for any belief system In this case the freedom of conscience will be obliterated for believers and non-believers" Atatürk was aware of the very big problems to be eliminated in order to flee from being an undeveloped society For him, every contemporary attempt had to include the principle of secularism Sultanate, caliphate, sharia, religious education and capitulations had to be obliterated The ideas people create relevant to themselves and their environment are partially in the form of BELİEF and partially KNOWLEDGE


One of the most important principles that Atatürk formulated was the principle of reformism or revolutionism This principle meant that Turkey made reforms and that the country replaced traditional institutions with modern institutions It meant that traditional concepts were eliminated and modern concepts were adopted The principle of reformism went beyond the recognition of the reforms which were made


Turkish people were changed to a nation from being a religious community by Atatürk Atatürk's confidence in the Nation was unlimited He defended the idea that every revolution would be achieved with the Nation but not despite the Nation His belief was that every novelty would exist eternally only if it adapted by the Nation He kept repeating that whoever identified himself as a "Turk" within the boundaries of the country represented the "Turkish Nation" and that the Nation would be called so Sovereignity will unconditionally belong to the nation No power, external or internal strength would be able to confiscate this from the hands of the Nation The nation would be educated to sacrifice their lives when necessary


Kemal Atatürk made clear in his statements and policies that Turkey's complete modernization was very much dependent on economic and technological development The principle of statism was interpreted to mean that the state was to regulate the country's general economic activity and the state was to engage in areas where private enterprise was not willing to do so, or where private enterprise had proved to be inadequate, or if national interest required it In the application of the principle of statism, however, the state emerged not only as the principle source of economic activity but also as the owner of the major industries of the country

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