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Railway Children - Edith Nesbit - İngilizce Kitap Özeti

 İngilizce - English Department forumunda yer alan Railway Children - Edith Nesbit - İngilizce Kitap Özeti konusu, Railway Children - Edith Nesbit - İngilizce Kitap Özeti Railway Children - Edith Nesbit - İngilizce Kitap Özeti Railway Children - Edith Nesbit - İngilizce Kitap Özeti 1 They weren’t ...

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Standart Railway Children - Edith Nesbit - İngilizce Kitap Özeti

Railway Children - Edith Nesbit - İngilizce Kitap Özeti

Railway Children - Edith Nesbit - İngilizce Kitap Özeti
They weren’t living at the railway at the beginning They lived in LondonThey were threeBobbie was oldestThen Peter and Phyllis
Mother was always at homeShe has played with children and she has written the storiesThey have everything that they neededThey also had wonderful FatherThey were very happy
Suddenly their life had changed

It was Peter’s birthdayThere was steam engine in his presentsBut it was brokenWhen Father came,Father looked Peter’s engineAnd “I will make ıts”said
Then the door was knockedThere were two men in front of the doorMother went to room with children Father talked with themAnd Father went awayThen Mother “Father has to go away”saidSomeweeks were awful
One morning Mother came down to breakfast”We have to leave our houseWe are going to live little house” Said mother”We can’t take everythingWe have to play ‘being poor’ ”
They went to railwayThe house was coldMrs Viney wasn’t there(maid)
They didn’t have a supperThey ate meal in boxThey sleept on floorMorning the children prepared breakfastBut before they went outThey saw a hill,a bridge,a tunel and railwayThey sleept in grass
Then Mother came “There was letter from Mrs Viney”said”Her son broke his armShe went home earlyI found another rooms”They helped mother to unpuck and arrange everything in the rooms
Then the children went to stationThey went Porter’s roomThen They went to near coal heapPeter asked about coal heapThere is white linePeter asked about white line
“It show how much coal”said Porter”We shall know İf anybody steals some”

It was rainy”Can we light a fire?”asked Bobbie”No We haven’t got coalBecause Coal is expensive”
Then Peter told his idea to girlsPeter went and stealed coal from stationThen station master was waiting for PeterHe caught hisPeter told every thing to himThen They went house
There was the 9:15,10:07 and the midnight train
When the 9:15 train came out of tunel,The children wavedAnd Hand waved backIt belonged to an old gentlemanHe travelled 9:15 everyday
Peter didn’t go station after the coalMaster saw Peter and”You didn’t came to station”

The next day Mother was illShe was very hotThey called the doctor Forrest
“She must stay bedI’ll send medicinesBut She will need fruitI’ll write these to paper”said DrForrest
They hadn’t got moneySo They thought and
When 9:15 train came Peter was showing him the large white sheet; LOOK OUT AT THE STATIONPhyllis was at the stationPhyllis gave a letter to him
The old gentleman opened the letter’My mother is illAnd We haven’t got enough moneyThe needs is end of letter’
The Old gentleman gave a box to masterThe three children went the roomThey opened the boxThere were everything and a letter in the boxBobbie opened the letter”Here are the things you needTell your mother they were sent by friend”
Someweeks later When the old gentleman looked out of the trainHe saw sheetOn the sheet”She is nearly wellThank you”
Mother was angry and mother wrote “thank” letter to old gentleman
It was Bobbie’s birthdayBobbie went out of house Others preparedShe had got very nice presentsPeter gave sweets full of engine
At night Bobbie went other roomHer mother was writing storyBut at that time Her mother wasn’t writing She was sleeping on the tableBobbie went back

Bobbie put Peter’s engine in box and took down to railway
She gave Peter’s engine to driver and firemanShe talked with them The men repaired the Peter’s engineIt was as good as new again
The children were looking to railway
Suddenly They heard a noiseIt was softThe Trees were movingThen the big rock began to move and Trees and rocks fell on the railway
Peter researched red things for giving new to driver”If We don’t give new ,most people will be dead” said Peter
They found red petticoatsThey cut the petticoats in to six pieces and They found brachesPeter unite the red petticoats with the branchesPeter took two flagTwo of flag were between the linesThe train stopped very difficultyThe train was at the 20 metres distance to the Bobbie

One day was ‘red petticoatsday ‘and the children were called to the stationThey went to station The old gentleman was there ,tooImportant people gave gold watch to them
They went to house with old gentlemanThe old gentleman talk with mother and then he went
“I send some stories”said mother “We have got a cake in thuesday”said BobbieBecause Thuesday was Perks’s (station master)birthdayThey prepared cake and presentsThey gave news to perks’s friend
They went to Perks’s house and talked with his wifeThey put presents into the box and put box on the table
And They passed behind the doorWhen Perk came They would shouted ‘happy birthday’
Perks came but he didn’t please
“We are poor but We didn’t needy”said Perks
The children told everything “People of neighborhood like you So they wanted to celebrate your birthday” said Bobbie
“Thank you” said Perks and He invited them to tea
When The children first went to live at the white house,they talked about father a lot and were always asking questions about him
But then They didin’t ask about FatherHer mother was unhappy”Why are my father “away” thought Bobbie
She went to station to fetch the magazinesThey were old magazines Passangers put them
One day Bobbie went to station to fetch themWhile Bobbie was taking away to house Bobbie put the magazines on the grassShe looked the words;
This spy was her father
Bobbie took the magazine and showed to her
“You don’t belive it”cried mother
“What happened”said Bobbie
“Two men came and They said he was a spyThere were some letters in Dadds desk at the officeWhen the police saw them, they were sure Daddy was a spy”
“Who put this letters there”
“Somebody “And Person is the real spy
“Can we explain all of this someone”
“I have tiredBut nobody will listen”
So Bobbie wrote a letter to old gentlemanShe put the page of the newspaper with her letterAnd She give letter to station master

The boys were coming from the school in Maidbridge”They are having a paper-chase today” Said Bobbie”We could go and watch”
There were men working on the railway lineA voice came”Let me pass,please”He was the first boy
He was the ‘hare’,others were ‘hounds’Then hounds cameThey went to tunelThe last boy was wearing a red shirt”Let’s go across the top of the hill and see them come out end of the tunel”Peter said
The last boy didn’t cameThey waited ,but the last boy didn’t came And they came mouth of the tunelBut they didn’t see a boy in a red shirt”Let’s go and look”
“The tunel was dark”
“If a train comes, stand near the wall”said PeterThere was a low noise on the railway line
“what’s that”said Peter
“It’s a train”said BobbieThe train went
Peter took a candle from his pocketAnd he lit it with a matchThe boy was on the groundHis name is jimHis eyes were closed
The boy opened his eyes”I have broken my leg ”he said and he couldn’t walk
Phyllis and Peter went to took helpThe men came and the men carried Jim on a piece of flat wood
“A doctor ought to see you first”said the man
“Take away him to our house “said Bobbie
“I will send Doctor Forrest”said mother
Mother sent a message to Jim’s school
“My grandfather lives near here”said Jim
“Then I will write and tell him,too”said mother

Next morning the door was knocked
It wasn’t the doctorThe children listened them and the visitor went upstairsBut who was it?
Then mother called the children to roomThey went
The man was old gentleman”You aren’t going to take Jim away ,are you?”said Peter
“NoI will send a nurse but your mother was good enough”said old gentleman
Mother become head a nurse of his hospitel “Will mother start writing again?”asked children
“Perhaps something nice will happen ,and won’t have to write the story”said old gentleman

Mother was giving the lessonBobbie was feeling something but she didn’t know What she was feeling?
They went to railway and they waved the 9:15 train But this time most of train waved hands and newspapers
They went to house “you don’t feel ill,do you?” asked mother”I don’t know I must go the garden”said BobbieAnd Bobbie went station for talk with PerksShe went and It was 11:54
The train cameFirst person was a vomanSecond person was a vomanThird person
“Daddy ,my daddy”
When they went in front of houseDaddy waitedBobbie went into the house
When daddy opened the doorBobbie shouted

» Railway Children - Edith Nesbit - İngilizce Kitap Özeti -

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